Cyclone Cycling - 45

Cyclone Cycling – 45

While the bikes are stationary, Cyclone Cycling will take you further than ever before. Tap into your inner power and feel the extra motivation you get that only riding in pack can achieve. Cyclone 45 is dancing on your bike while you are listening to your favorite beats. For the next 45 minutes you can focus on yourself, all your “stuff” seam to disappear as your holding the mental image of a better heath, better you! Plus, your legs and butt will look amazing.

We recommend to mix it up as well. Cyclone is working really well with our Inferno Hot Pilates and Cyclone Boot camp classes.


For first-timers & vets

45 minute class

Great for Cardio



where you’ll burn

  • Abs
  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Gluts

$39 for 30 days! Try us out!

New to the Studio? Try us out for the first month for only $39! That’s any Inferno Hot Pilates,  Cyclone Cycling, or DRENCHED bootcamp class! Sign up today!

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