Inferno Hot Pilates - Bunz & Abs

Inferno Hot Pilates – Bunz & Abs

Want amazing abs, shapely legs and great butt? You’ve come to the right place. The first 30 minutes focuses on core strength building and glut activation, which is extremely important to release lower back pain and increase energy. Your lower back is under a lot of pressure due of sitting, typing, driving, etc. The second half of the class focuses on abdominal muscles to tone and shed fat, along with shaping up legs and butt muscles.


For First-timers & Vets

1 hour class

Great for burning weight



where you’ll burn

  • Abs
  • Core
  • Biceps
  • Quads

$39 for 30 days! Try us out!

New to the Studio? Try us out for the first month for only $39! That’s any Inferno Hot Pilates,  Cyclone Cycling, or DRENCHED bootcamp class! Sign up today!

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